Today I am grateful for  so many things. There are obvious things like having a job, a home, a comfortable existence and the things you might list when asked to make a gratitude list. Then there are things we take for granted just because we do them without even thinking as they’re so intrinsic to our lives. The simple act of breathing. So intrinsic to sustaining life that it’s part of what’s called the autonomic nervous system. It happens without us having to consciously think about it. That is until our ability to do so is encumbered or taken away completely.

This week alone served as a reminder of breathe and it’s significance on life. A year ago on 3 November my Dad breathed his last breathe on planet earth. After battling illness he spent his last day attached to a machine which tried to help oxygenate his body. His heart was failing. Earlier in the day he had signed papers to say that he did not wish to be resuscitated. It’s a very surreal experience signing as a witness on such a document. But those were his wishes. My Dad lived his life with gusto! He really lived his life to the fullest and pursued that which he wanted with laser like focus, not letting obstacles deter him. I took from his death a reminder of how quickly life passes and that you should always maximise your time and opportunities.

A year went by so quickly and at the same time it felt like yesterday.

This week I was reminded again of the importance of breathe when someone I care about struggled with breathing. Suddenly November, as a month, was looking like a crap month.  While that person is not in the clear yet, at least the cause has been found and it’s treatable. But, I am once again given a reminder, in November, about the fragility of life and just how quickly things can happen beyond our control. The only thing you can do is to really live life in every moment that you have with the people you care about. Because you really don’t know if that moment is the last you might have with them.

So, I am grateful for every single breathe that I get to take and I am grateful for the breathe that all my loved ones still on this planet, get to take. And I am grateful to my Dad for reminding me that you have to grab onto life with every breathe that you have while you can.

And for you dear friend, I wish you a speedy recovery – there are lots more adventures to be had!


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