What was the last thing you fixed or built?

I wouldn’t quite term it fixing.  But the last thing I “fixed” was a set of candle holders. I “repainted” them using my latest obsession.  Rust-Oleum spray. Its amazing.

I had previously dabbled in redoing a chest of drawers with a fancy paint technique. It turned out well. Then I dabbled in ceramic painting. Then a variety of arts and crafts from beading to decoupage.  But nothing stuck. Mostly because they require quite a bit of investment in supplies.  And when the “hobby” doesn’t stick. Well, they go to the proverbial craft cemetery (the garage) until they get chucked out. So I wasn’t looking towards something that would have me buying lots of equipment and they end up in the bin.

I had been trawling DIY sites and blogs for months. Looking for that easy and quick idea for a creative outlet.  But with high impact. I considered doing a wood pallet workshop to make a coffee table. Then a ladder styled bathroom unit.  But these all required a serious investment in power tools if I were to continue. Plus I would need to learn how to use a circular saw amongst other things. Maybe one day still.  But then I found this online resource which outlined a number of projects using Rust-Oleum paint spray. Could it be true? Had I found my DIY thing? I Googled up a storm around the various types of spray and their uses.  Now just to get to a Builder’s Warehouse.

During a tile shopping expedition with my sister at CTM Northgate Island. A Builders was within my reach. I had to get there. Of course we had to be good tile shoppers and check out what Builders had to offer from a tile perspective. But my secret mission was to go and finally check out the Rust-Oleum in person.

It was as I suspected. Colours out of this world. A spray can for every conceivable surface. Nothing need stay the same colour. Ever!  I went from colour to colour.  Picking up each tin as if I were inspecting rare gems. I had already, very sternly, told myself that I was only allowed to buy 1 tin. As we know, these things have a way of ending up in the craft cemetery. I ended up choosing a white gloss. Simply because it allowed me to go mad.  And if the result was not great.  I could cover over white.  Whereas covering over a colour would be more difficult. I got my sister onboard as well. She chose an amazing Marigold Yellow for her planters.

As soon as I got home, the first “victims” were the candle holders.  I set up outside.  You need a well-ventilated area. And of course newspaper to protect surrounding surfaces.  I set down the candle holders on the newspaper and started shaking the can for the requisite minute to mix the paint. Within minutes the first coat was done and there I stood.  Amazed at my handy work.  Of course its as easy as spraying deodorant.  But the feeling is much more satisfying when you have transformed an object into something prettier in such a short space of time.

In the meantime, I have test-driven my sisters Magnolia Yellow on one of her planters. I couldn’t  just visit knowing that can of paint was in the house. My family have all been warned. I shall be “coming to a piece of furniture near you soon”.

Rust-Oleum! Go give it a whirl.  It truly is amazing.


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