First things first

One of the first things I do when I wake up is check my phone.  I hate that. I am not sure when it became part of my morning “routine”. I guess because I use the alarm on my phone to wake me up.  Then I automatically check things on my phone. Messages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I briefly scan these before I am fully awake even. I don’t believe its healthy (for me personally) and it’s not something I wish to continue.

I have been hunting around for a nice “old school” analogue alarm clock. Although I do have some trepidation around that horrible noise it makes. But at least if I can get rid of my need for the phone in terms of the alarm. I can then, happily, not have it in the room!

I am convinced that this constant connection has been disrupting my sleep. You need only do a google search and find a number of hits and research on this subject. But more so, I do believe that being constantly connected digitally, especially when I should be getting my beauty sleep, is not good. For me.  Each to his own I say but personally, it has to go.

Believe me, I am not anti-digital anything. Again, I am not that old. But I was lucky enough to be on campus at UCT when the first search engines were being beta-tested at university sites. So I have grown up with digital in my life.  Ok.  My adult life. Although I did learn to write some minor code on my brothers Commodore 64.  So not quite Univac 1 days but I have an appreciation of how far digital has come. Yes I remember green screens and dot-matrix printers. But I can also function without a mouse.  And when all the current operating systems fail, I can still do stuff in DOS – #C:/forever!

But I digress. The phone must go. Well, the need to check the phone must go. It’s messing with that other thing I love more. Sleep! Well at least quality sleep. This writing challenge has posed an additional challenge. Or another reason to check the dratted thing. No.  Not to see how many followers I have gained. But to see that my post has gone live when I do a scheduled post. So yes, maybe after November is done. I can start my own challenge to have 30 days of phone-less sleep!

Who’s with me?  Hello. Anyone?


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