It’s weird to have to give thought to retiring. Sometime’s I feel like I am still finding out what I want to do! Other time’s I realise I have been at this “work thing” for 21 years.  I started working when I was 20. No need for the math, I am 41.

So, today’s writing prompt is asking “Where would you want to retire if money wasn’t an issue?”.  Well yesterday’s post pretty much could answer this.  Italy is on the Dream Wishlist. But I think retirement for me is more about the level of comfort and peace of mind.

This of course comes with sound financial principles and all that good stuff that makes “adulting” feel a lot more complicated. Am I saving enough? How much is enough? Will I have enough to enjoy my retired life? What does retirement mean really? Do I want to stop working completely? Will I need a twilight career? And I don’t mean becoming a support cast vampire in the movie franchise. I am nowhere near having any definitive answers to any of these questions.

So let me find comfort in going back to the happy place of thinking that money is no object.  It would definitely be Italy.  A lovely farmhouse in Umbria. With its own vineyard and lemon trees. I would produce small batches of wine. But primarily make Limoncello. Interesting story. I haven’t been to Italy as mentioned yesterday. And I discovered Limoncello when I was living in London!



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