The year that was…

So today we had our work year end function. Firstly it’s bittersweet in that I cannot believe that this year is almost at an end and at the same time it has felt like the longest year. So of course it did what year end functions do. No, not get drunk and conduct random acts of the career limiting kind. But reflect on the year that was in relation to work.

A number of things has contributed to both the lengthening and shortening of this year. One thing that stole time from me was my studies. It’s been a long and torturous process. And not because of the course work but group work killed it for me. Having people tag along while a few carried the load was not fun. But that’s now past. Of course the study thing, other than being an eternal student, is meant to help support long term career prospects. So group work was a necessary evil.

Then there has been the shortfall in some of my career goals which won’t happen by the end of this year. I blame my tendency to optimistically project. But there has been a few hard lessons learnt in the process. Like sometimes it might look like a duck. It might even sound like a duck. But until you have stripped the feathers and thrown that sucker in a hot pain of oil and actually tasted it with some very nice orange sauce to verify its duckness. It could still be a chicken in an elaborate feather boa! But I have made peace with those chickens and unmet career goals and I have set some new ones already.

How’s your work year been?



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