December Challenge 2015

Having finished November’s Nablopomo Challenge I thought that I should keep the momentum going.

So, for December, the challenge is to do 10000 steps a day for the entire month! Am I up for this? Who knows but it’s already Day 2!

Day 1 was easy enough as I had a particularly active day. But I was about 3000 steps short of the daily target. So what did I do? I did a circuit inside and outside my house. If anyone was watching me, they would have thought I was crazy.  But I was determined to achieve the target on Day 1. It surely couldn’t be a viable start if I didn’t hit 10000 on Day 1.

And Day 2 was even more challenging. I got home and had a 6000 step deficit. No problem! I did my crazy house circling thing until I hit that magic number.

I realised two things. Focusing on hitting the number distracted me from what I was doing. Walking is not my favourite mode of exercise but I know it’s a good base. By focusing on the pedometer it made it feel less arduous.

The second thing I learnt is that you can squeeze in extra steps without noticing. I did funny little double back steps just to increase the “length” of my circuit. Whenever I got out of my car I sort of circled it. Instead of going directly to the door behind me to take stufo out of my car, I took the long way around the car to get to the spot.

Yes. It’s seems crazy but I think a healthy dose of crazy is going to help me finish this month’s challenge.



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