The pursuit of healthiness

The start of December’s month long challenge came out of nowhere really. I had fallen off the exercise wagon in a big way this year. The usual excuses. I had a day job. Attended classes in the evenings. And spent most weekends working on group assignments. I know there are people who do more than this in their week and still manage to fit in exercise. But I am not them.

I finished exams in early November. Tried to jump back into an exercise regime. I did 3 classes that week. But then exhaustion took over and that was that. For the entire month of November I did 5 classes. Mostly Pilates and Yoga as I am attempting to get the foundation built.

Then on 30thNovember the 10 000 step challenge came to me in a flash. I needed another goal that was easy to track and easy enough to implement. But with this challenge, so far, came a number of other benefits. For the past two nights my sleep has already improved from a quality perspective. I used to wake up often during the night. But now feel like I am getting a much deeper sleep. My abdomen feels like its relaxing. I naturally carry a lot of tension in my stomach area and I can already feel like I am breathing a lot easier. I have also added Pilates to the mix as well. I am trying to build a good functional base from which to do other exercise. I did a class on Monday and one today.

The amazing thing about Pilates. You are forced to breathe deeply. Something we generally don’t do in the course of our everyday lives. Right now my legs feel fatigued. I can feel every single big muscle in them saying HELLO! But I know that’s not a bad thing. It means the muscles are waking up and are really working.

I really need to focus on getting more coverage during the course of the day. This house circling is taking things to a whole new level of crazy! The pursuit of health is worth it though!






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