Decadence for breakfast

So, I am on Day 4 of December’s Challenge. Strangely, this far, I have also been able to cut out evening snacking.  Perhaps its all that crazy circling I have been doing at home. Or maybe its that elusive thing I have heard about. That thing some people tell.  That exercise blunts your appetite. I have never believed that myth. In fact exercise usually drives me in the opposite direction. Like a shark during a feeding frenzy.

But, so far so good. I have not attacked the crisps at night nor sought out something sweet and cakey.  I usually have to have one of those things after supper.  And whichever one I indulge in usually has me craving the other. To balance the taste on my palate of course.  But the current goal of 10 000 steps has me doing the following. I get home and assess how many steps I am short. I have had a serious shortfall thus far every single night.  So before I settle down to eat supper, I tell myself I need to hit 7000 before I can eat. And then crazy circling starts. When I hit over the 7000 mark, I then allow myself to sit down for supper. After supper I then make up the rest of the shortfall before I can sink into the couch. Post-supper I usually circle at a slower pace. Something tells me that I am confusing my digestive process by walking. But then there’s also that conventional wisdom of taking a walk after supper.  Who knows what’s right but I am just focused on hitting 10 000.

So, some form of appetite control mechanism has kicked in. Don’t ask me how and what. I am just riding this wave while it lasts.  Appetite or changing eating habits was not the goal of this challenge. Just those 10 000 steps.

But this brings me to the other thing I have discovered. I read a number of websites, blogs and Facebook pages on health, fitness and activity on a weekly basis.  I have mostly been a lurker on these pages. Patiently waiting to read about the next silver bullet which is going help me drop a “Table Mountain’s” amount of weight.  But I do know that no such silver bullet exists. But I can remain hopeful. So what I have discovered, via the online community over at SleekGeek, are these Banana Muffins.  Well I make them into flapjacks.  They are amazing.  I sprinkle some cinnamon on them and they make an amazingly decadent breakfast or snack when you are craving something that tastes like decadent French toast with banana.

I have read about banana and its effect on blood sugar and how you need to make sure you have it with a protein and good fat to balance out the sugar effect. I don’t know jack about the science but I figure it’s a whole lot better than eating the pastry or cream doughnut I would have eaten if I wanted something to soothe my sweet tooth.  They also keep you satisfied for quite a while. So they have been a hit for me. If you are going to try them, just follow the instructions in terms of leaving them to fry for 5 minutes on each side. I was a bit impatient and tried to flip them too soon. They broke up a bit but were salvageable and definitely edible.

Give them a whirl if you are trying to cut down on the cake! But as the recipe says, watch the portions. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch with zero calories.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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