7 Days done and counting…

December’s monthly challenge has been going well so far.

I have managed to hit the 10 000 daily goal every day.  I mentioned the crazy house circling thing I have resorted to doing when I am not quite close to the goal by the time I get home.  Why don’t I just hit the road you might ask? Well, because I have to then carry my phone with me. And I don’t fancy the potential of: a) dropping it again – that’s an expensive repair job, b) possibly getting mugged and c) leaving the house would involve having to put on trainers and proper training kit as I will be hitting the road surface in addition to being seen in public. Whereas walking around my house I can do so in flip flops and whatever I’m wearing. And at this point I don’t need anything that might make this too much effort. It’s still in the heady early “dating” phase. I don’t know if this is a long term thing yet.

I also know that the daily goal of 10 000 steps is not enough to effect any kind of major transformation to my fitness nor body composition. But for now, I am happy that I am hitting that number and at the same time, building a solid base from what was a primarily sedentary existence for the time that I was studying this year. I definitely want to return to my weekly Zumba class (I love dancing) and I definitely need to add some heavy lifting into the mix. I am more concerned with building a body that will remain functional and mobile well into my old age.  While I am not anywhere near to old age yet. I have a limited window of opportunity to get a solid base in place. The sooner the better.

The festive season has been helping me out in a different way. I mean usually it’s an eating festival. Which it probably will be. But in terms of Xmas shopping and being in the mall.  Instead of lugging all my stuff with me. I make multiple trips to my car to go and drop stuff off. This helps with boosting step numbers. So it’s awesome. I realise just how lazy and sedentary our daily lives have become. Ok that’s me making a large generalisation based on my own experience. But life has become one large sedentary convenience. And daily activity rates have declined without even trying. I sit behind a computer for most of my working day. I am hoping the 10 000 steps will go some way to at least bring back a baseline of health benefitting activity. Then to add the “extras” to the mix once this month is done!

30 November December graph

So these have been the stats so far.  I am including the last day of November’s steps (on the left). When I wasn’t making a conscious effort.  And then also the snapshot I took last night (on the right) which now has my baseline sitting at 10 192. YIPPEE!!


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