The writing muse is alive…

And just like that, it’s the eve of Nablopomo 2016.  My last post on this blog was in January this year.  While a lot has happened in my offline life, my writing has taken a backseat.

Well it has and it hasn’t.  I have not been writing for leisure, creativity or the sheer joy of putting characters on a piece of paper.  Instead, I did the kind of writing, that can drive you crazy. The kind that can basically suck the life force out of you.  The kind of writing you do for academic purposes. While I can appreciate that it has a purpose. It was an almost counter-intuitive-to-everything-that-I-had-learnt experience. Business writing these days requires short, to the point, and sometimes one-pager dashboards to communicate things.  Then there’s the online world. Short sentences. Paragraphs. With lots of white space.  Brevity.  So extrapolating 15 000 words from something that could have been said in less than 1000, proved to be a painstaking challenge.

But it’s done. I don’t think I could muster up any energy just after handing THAT in to write. But recently, I have been feeling the need to dust off my trusty blog and churn out some posts.  How fortuitous that it’s the end of October. Halloween today actually. So in keeping with the days observances. I am honoring the death of the last 18 months of the torturous writing experience that had me in its grip. And I look forward to the new that lies ahead.

A whole month of posting on a daily basis. Challenge accepted.  I have signed up to the official blog roll. Let’s do this.


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