It’s 2018 – year of the Wood Dog

According to Chinese horoscope its year of the Dog.  Specifically, the wood dog. Apparently this bodes well for me as a Tiger.  And I am guessing, being a wood Tiger (or a Tiger Wood), is especially auspicious.

2017 – in brief. Management course undertaken. Lots of brain stretching. Exhaustion. No balance. Not seeing as many people as I would have liked. And generally being stuck in a bubble. On the up side.  Graduation from my previous studies. Meeting new people. And stretching my brain.

2018 – will see another graduation from above-mentioned management course. Hopefully some travel. Even if just local. Finishing student debt. Yes, I still have that at my age – sadly! No resolutions of any kind being entertained. I am already moving more. Well compared to 2017 me of course.  Also spending more time being outdoors. Using some fitness trackers to score my points (and freebies).

First day back at work today!  #Hello2018


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