My brown green smoothie

Freshly inspired by a colleague I have finally decided to break out my low-budget version of the Nutribullet, the Kambrook Smartlife Super blender, this morning.  This was a Xmas gift received Xmas 2016.  Patiently awaiting its debut just over a year later in January 2018.

Note, that no resolutions were made to do anything remotely health. I am just looking for an easy and quick hack to up my vegetable and fruit intake. I also watched that Joe the Juicer guy’s documentary over the festive season.  Fascinating in itself.  But I would miss chewing food too much.  Next best thing, a smoothie.

Of course this involves first doing some research for the best recipe, shopping to get said fruit and veg in order to make this antioxidant filled, life-giving, wonder drink. Just to note that no fruit had been allowed into my house (except berries) as I still had a bit of an anti-fruit hangover since Banting days. I stopped at the Spar on my way home last night. Chucked some basics in a basket. A packet of spinach. Apple. Lemon. Fresh ginger. And mango for something a bit exotic.  I was psyched.

This morning. I got up a bit earlier. And chopped like a mofo. Ingredients used. Spinach, apple, a piece of ginger, some mango and some frozen berries thrown in to give it a bit of chill. Loaded the tall container on the blender and turned that baby on. It took a couple of stops and starts. And adding a bit of water to help the machine get going. But once it was going, it was going. I watched closely as I expected this beautiful bright green elixir of life to emerge from the blender. All I got was something closely resembling shit chocolate and not a bright green smoothie. It looked like I had blended more earth than the fruits of the earth. I was not deterred. This was healthy dammit! It tasted good though.

After a quick google search I have found out that I made the rookie mistake of chucking those berries in there.  They throw off the green. Then I remembered primary school art class. When you learnt color mixing. And you thought you were being efficient and smart because more was more back then. And you mixed everything together. You got the same result – brown!  I also learnt that brown smoothies are a thing. But clearly not as popular (or pretty) as green smoothies. But they do the same job!

I am not deterred. This definitely is a great hack to get some added veg and fruit into my life. The psychosomatic reaction to this healthy drink is interesting though. Could I possibly be experiencing detox after just one smoothie? Is my mind fighting off this barrage of healthy liquid and creating faux detox symptoms? Or is my body just rebelling and screaming for some bacon and eggs?



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