A constant student of life, I am interested in brands, fitness, human connection, story-telling, listening to stories, entrepreneurship, talking, travel and the general buzz of life that makes our human story such a fascinating one.  And of course,  food!

I love all things about food – not so hot on the cooking part though, I can do it (if I have to) but prefer the eating part.  I grew up in a family-run catering business, spending a huge chunk of my life involved in catering for weddings, special occasions, birthdays, conferences and, before my Mom “retired”, hosting  groups of tourists (at our family home) to show them true South African hospitality and the local cuisine.  I wish I was one of those skinny foodies but sadly I am not!  So finding the balance between indulging my inner foodie and my weight is a constant challenge.

I am addicted to travel and seeing new places – enjoying the culture and savouring the local cuisine.  Theres a long list of places waiting to be visited, but the place I love most is my home city – Cape Town.

Welcome to my corner of the world!  Enjoy your stay.


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